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Introduction to our Feature Writers

Posted on May 1, 2014

By Tammy Venable

Now that The People’s Paper has launched, it’s probably a good time to introduce our feature writers.  Even though Bremen is a small community, we are lucky enough to have talented resources in and around our community.  Each of these writers have their own unique interests and style of writing.  Each writer has donated their time and talents to writing these columns. Soon businesses will have the opportunity to support these writers by sponsoring their pages.  More information will come on those opportunities in the near future.  If you know already that you have an interest in supporting one or more of these columns, please e-mail Tammy Venable at  I’m sure the writers will be happy to hear about interest in their columns.

Now for the introductions, in no specific order...


Wildlife Wednesday - Aldona Martin

Aldona is a devout country girl.  She was born in Chicago but grew up in rural Wisconsin and Indiana.  Her love of nature and wildlife was strongly engrained in her by her parents.  They immigrated here from Lithuania as teenagers shortly after World War II.  Having had to survive during the war, their roots were strongly rooted in making do with what you had which usually meant the all natural version of everything.  She lovingly carried that into her adult life.  She attended Purdue University and graduated with a degree in European History and embarked on a career in government service.  Even with a “day job”, she never stopped taking care of animals.   Aldona was always the kid dragging home every injured animal or stray.  That still carries on to this day much to the chagrin of her husband, Rich.  Aldona states, “Fortunately I married a very understanding man who, even though he won't always admit it, loves animals and nature as much as I do.”  They've passed along their love for all things wild to their children; son Brison and daughter Britney with the hopes that they will carry on the family tradition.  Currently they're working on educating the next generation; grandson Julian.  Aldona hopes to someday soon to be able to retire and spend more time with the wild creatures she loves.


Ed’s Entertainment Review - Edward J. Kary
Ed Kary has been heavily into the arts and entertainment world for the past 40 plus years. He has always worked in the food industry; whether it be in management or as a chef, but music is where his true passion lies in life. He has done film work in the movie Rudy and a few low budget local films and has done PR work for the band Blondie in the late 90's thru the mid 2000's. Ed enjoys writing music, drawing and writing poetry. Ed feels he is a great fit for this column because when it comes to concerts, cd releases, movies and really anything of that sort he's great at opinions and reviews.  Ed states, "I hope all of you enjoy my column and I look forward to bringing you some great articles for your reading pleasure."


The Art of Food: Everyday Extraordinary - Melanie Oakley-Capo

Melanie Oakley-Capo

Melanie grew up in the Bremen area and graduated from LaVille.   She is married with 2 sons and 1 granddaughter. She lived in FL for 13 years then moved back to the Bremen area in 2007. Melanie received her degree in Culinary Management from Daytona State College. While in Florida, she owned Dragonfly Catering in Daytona Beach. Currently, Melanie is the owner of Sweet Things Gourmet Desserts and Custom Cakes.


Journey’s with Jaree - Jaree Kratzer 

Jaree Kratzer

Jaree is the Lead Pastor at Bremen Church of God. She has served 2 churches over the past 20 years. She is married to Bryan and enjoys reading, writing, service projects and spending time with people who are special to her. She also works part-time for The Bowen Center. This project has become her latest adventure and she looks forward to the growth it will provide.




College: For Real - Andrea Alvarez

Andrea Alvarez


As a senior at Purdue University, Andrea continues to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing. She concentrates on expanding that of her interests and new experiences with a minor in Global Studies while also studying material which ranges from the anthropology of unfrequented cultures to strategy in research for an array of topics. 

Andrea says about her column, “While many teens enter the new realm of becoming a student, much of that first campus presentation is explained as though no complications will arise during college.  However, this column will not only highlight the unspoken hardships of adapting to college but deliver topics of the humor and importance that come with being a college student.  With no intentions of continuing the class lecture after a long day's work, the information is based off of a student's perspective on all things college.”

She further explains, “After four long years and two different majors, I have encountered many experiences I was not as prepared for as I had hoped.  By my senior year, I had become an expert on how to be a college student, but by then I felt it was too late.  Nonetheless, I wish I had someone to coach me through the rough times for faster chase to the good.  With one student's struggle and resolution comes another student's wisdom and preparation.”

Andrea can be contacted through e-mail, or through her Blog:


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