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8th Annual Lion King Contest Scheduled for May 30th

by Bruce Jennings on May 19, 2014

The Lions of Bremen won’t be sleeping on Fri., May 30. 

“The 8th Annual Lion King Contest is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. in the Bowen Auditorium, and it is sure to provide great entertainment for those who attend,” said Bremen High School Principal Bruce Jennings. 

Tickets are $5.00 at the door, and all proceeds are given to a local non-profit group chosen by the contestants.

“Our community is so supportive of the school; however, it’s neat to see the students organizing an event to give back to the community,” Jennings said.  “The eleven young men have already enjoyed the social aspect of preparing for the contest.  They actually have a lot of fun while earning money in a short period of time for a lot of worthy causes.”

“Sometimes the students surprise their peers, and their relatives, with the talent that they have chosen to perform,” Jennings continued.  “The show is family friendly.  I tell the guys to make their legacy something positive.”

This year, Class of 2014 member Miss Sara Slabaugh will be co-emceeing with one of her teachers, Mr. Kyle Hanyzewski.  The contestants from the Distinguished Young Women Program of Bremen High School will also be helping with the event both on and off stage.

The 2014 Lion King Contest contestants are:
(Photos are all courtesy of Bremen High School & Cassandra Creighton)

Austin Adams
Son of Brian & Mary Adams
Talent:  Dance Skit with Taylor Lizzi.
Potential Non-Profit Recipient:  Bremen Youth Soccer League.


Taylor Lizzi
Son of Linda Moser & Jeff Lizzi
Talent:  Dance Skit with Austin Adams.
Potential Non-Profit Recipient:  Bremen FFA


Bryce Nickell
Son of Bradley & Chris Nickell
Talent:  Song and Dance Skit from the Jimmy Fallon show (edited with Joel Miller).
Potential Non-Profit Recipient:  Bremen High School Soccer Team.


Salvador Perez Lopez
Son of Sonia Lopez & Salvador Perez
Talent:  Instrumental Skit.
Potential Non-Profit Recipient:  Bremen High School Band Program.


Felix Renker
Host Parents; Todd & Cathy Huffman
Talent:  Instrumental Solo.
Potential Non-Profit Recipient:  Bremen High School Band Program.


Josh Spencer
Son of Lydia Starr and Toby & Jennie Spencer
Talent:  Dance Skit with Jon Stoller.
Potential Non-Profit Recipient:  BHS Musical/Drama Production Program.


Sky Allen
Son of Kathryn Allen and Mark Allen
Talent:  Dance Skit with Korey Alexander.
Potential Non-Profit Recipient:  Bremen High School Soccer Team.


Joel Miller
Son of Terry & Janet Miller
Talent:  Song and Dance Skit from The Jimmy Fallon Show (edited with Bryce Nickell).
Potential Non-Profit Recipient:  Bremen VFW.


Jon Stoller
Son of Chris & Asala Stoller
Talent:  Dance Skit with Josh Spencer.
Potential Non-Profit Recipient:  Bremen Youth Football League.


Korey Alexander
Son of Aaron & Courtney Graham and Dustin Bodman
Talent:  Dance Skit with Sky Allen.
Potential Non-Profit Recipient:  Bremen Youth Soccer League.


Michael Stouder
Son of Brandon & Cheryl Stouder
Talent:  Dance Skit.
Potential Non-Profit Recipient: Bremen Spartan Lacrosse Club.



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