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BEMS Young Author Conference Winners Announced

by Bremen Public Schools on April 14, 2015

YOUNG AUTHOR CONFERENCE WINNERS ANNOUNCED.  Bremen Elem/Middle School winners of the Thrilling Mystery writing contest are Dawson Hickman, 5th grade and Collin Moren, 6th grade. Dawson and Collin will be recognized at this year’s Young Authors Conference which will be held on Thursday, April 16 at 6:30 pm at Menominee Elementary in Plymouth.  

Receiving honorable mention for their entries are Madison Williams, grade 4, Grace Meyer, Brianna Beadin, and Madison Kucera, grade 5 and Billy Smith and Katie Barnes, grade 6. This year’s featured author is Johnathan Rand. He is the author of the widely popular American Chillers series and Freddie Fornortner-Fearless First Grader series. He is a fun and entertaining speaker.  All students and parents are encouraged to attend the Young Author’s event.  

You can find out more about Johnathan at

The Mountain Murder

By Collin Moren, Grade 6, Bremen


The gentle fall breeze blew Mike Raab’s short hair.  He was searching for any kind of evidence he could manage to find.  He was deep into the Smoky Mountains.  It was just him and the wilderness or least that is what he thought.

          Over the past few months bodies had been found hanging from the trees.  They had found notes on all of the bodies.  They all said something different, but one thing they all had in common was the signature.  The signature read C.M.  Mike had investigated many people.  Conner Mastin, Craig Milpet, and Cameron Ment.  They were all proven innocent.  Mike decided that it was someone from out of the state.  The murderer had been very intelligent, leaving not even a fingerprint behind.

          Mike stumped his way back to his camp, getting a drink of fresh water from his water container.  The sun was just about to set.  Mike had to get his hidden cameras set up.  He swiftly climbed a small oak tree behind his camp.  He always kept a GoPro filming on his head (except when he had to go to the bathroom).  As he was setting up the final camera, he heard a loud gun shot.  Mike feared for his life.  He had only a small pocket knife that he always carried.  That wouldn’t hold back someone with a gun.

Mike put his climbing ability to good use.  He climbed into a tall maple tree that had lots of leaves and branches to cover him.  As he was climbing he stepped on a dead branch and he plummeted 15 feet hitting multiple branches on the way down.  When he hit the ground he was unconscious, but still breathing.

Mike ached as he woke up.  He wiped some blood off of his beaten up face.  He looked around.  “Where am I?” Mike asked himself.  Mike was in what seemed like a wooden cage.  He was trapped.  Mike’s cage was suspended in the air above the forest.  The cage was about 5 feet in the air.  Mike saw his GoPro in the corner of the cage.  He crawled over to it.  He legs ached, maybe even worse than his face did.  He grabbed the camera and rewound the tape.  He saw a man with a sniper rifle pick him up and start laughing.  “I’ll add you to my collection,” he chuckled.  Mike watched in horror as the man started punching him.  He had to get out of here alive.  He would do whatever it takes to survive.

Mike felt something in his pocket.  He reached in and pulled out his pocket knife.  Mike would have jumped for joy if he had not been so sore.  Mike started chipping away at the wood.  If he was lucky he would be able to leave in an hour.  If he had all his strength the task wouldn’t be a problem.

As he chipped and chipped away, the more sore he felt.  He worried about the murderer coming back and finishing him off, but he never saw anyone.  About thirty minutes later, Mike successfully cut a gap big enough for him to squeeze out.  He fell to the ground and landed on his back.  He felt like he had just fallen from a skyscraper.  Mike remembered to start recording with his camera.  This could be valuable evidence if he got out alive.

Mike thought of a plan.  He knew the forest well because he grew up in a small cottage in the Smokies.  First thing he had to do was find some water.  Then he could go on from there.  After the sun had set Mike finally found a small stream.  He drank the water.  He knew he shouldn’t be drinking unfiltered water, but he was so thirsty.  There was one task done.

Mike woke up in the morning half surprised that he wasn’t back in the wooden cage.  He scouted out the land and noticed a landmark he remembered.  He was a giant oak tree that was bigger than the rest.  He remembered that this was where he and his brother adventured to once.  This tree was amazing.  Once he arrived at the tree he remembered how to get to his old house.  If it was even still there.  Mike traveled to his house, lost in the memories he had as a kid.  Mike scouted out the rooms.  Mike opened his parents’ bedroom door.  There was someone in the bed…

          Mike realized who it was.  It was the man with the sniper rifle.  Mike saw the large gun in the corner.  On a shelf was the man’s phone.  Mike grabbed the sniper rifle first.  Then, he grabbed the phone.  Mike knew what he had to do.  He fired at the man’s leg, making sure he did not kill him.  The man screamed.   He surely couldn’t fight now.  The man fell on the floor screaming.

Mike dialed 911 and told them where he was and what had happened.  The police told him that it might take a while because he was in the mountains.  Mike waited two hours and twenty-seven minutes for assistance.  The whole time he held the man at gunpoint.  He didn’t struggle, knowing he wasn’t able to go anywhere.

Mike went back to his hometown of Bremen, Indiana where he was a hometown hero.  The murderer turned out to be Casey Marrion.  He was a foreigner from England, that’s why no one knew him.  He pleaded guilty and is serving a lifetime in prison.  Mike was happy to know that he had saved peoples’ lives by capturing Casey.



I Will Now Make These Balls Disappear

By Dawson Hickman, grade 5, Bremen


“Touchdown!””  yelled Scott.

“Boo-yah!” screamed Michael.

The two kids were watching football and their favorite team, the Warriors, had just scored.  Now they just had to make this PAT (point after) to win the game.

          “Here we go folks, he backs up, stops and runs, he…”

          “NOOOO WHAT HAPPENED!!!” screeched Scott.  The TV had gone black, pitch black.  The two boys were freaking out.  Michael (the smart one) raced into action and turned on the radio to the game.

          "It seems that the lights have gone out here at Retro Stadium,” said the announcer.  “Oh wait, they have just turned the lights back on. Hold on, there seems to be a problem down on the field.  How?  Ladies and gentlemen, the footballs have disappeared!”


          It had been a week since the disappearance of the footballs and Scott and Michael were walking home from school.  They lived two blacks away from each other.  They had to turn onto opposite streets to get to their houses.

          “See ya tomorrow,” said Michael.

          “Yep, “ replied Scott.

          Scott had just stepped inside when something amazing happened. “Surprise!” yelled his mom and dad.  “We got four tickets to the Warriors game.  We are letting you bring Michael too!”  they said.

          “Yes!  What about Maddie?” asked Scott?”

          “We are going to drop her off at grandma and grandpa’s house,” they replied.  Maddie is Scott’s little sister.  Scott did not like her, he thought she was the most annoying thing alive.  Scott ran up to his room and grabbed his phone so he could call Michael and tell him about the game that they were going to.

          “No way dude!” said Michael.

“Yep!” said Scott.  “I will see you next week.”


It was one day before the game and Michael was going to stay the night at Scott’s house since they had to leave about 9:30 am.  They started off by playing their favorite game, Slayer.  They went to sleep at 10:00 pm and woke up at 8:45 am.  It took two hours to get to the stadium from their house.


The score was 14-28 and the Bobcats had the ball.  The quarterback got the ball and dropped back to pass, the team’s beast wide received was open.  “Ahh,” everyone screamed.  The lights had gone out again!  The two boys knew whatw as next. 

Five minutes later the lights came back on again.  Michael noticed a man running away in a black suit with two large bags.  Scott asked his mom if they could go to the concessions, but his parents had no idea where they were actually going…to chase that man!  They ran out the exit and saw the man get into a car.  He got away.

“Dang!” moaned Michael.

“Don’t get all mad now,” said Scott who was holding up his phone.  He had taken a picture of his license plate!


Two days after they got back from the game the two boys rode their bikes to the police station and showed them the picture of the suspect’s license plate. “The owner of this car is Nathan Jacobs.  He works as a salesman.  It also says that he lives in Nashkrill, New York nowhere near Retro Stadium,” said the cop.

“Oh!” moaned the kids.

“But get this, he had two brothers, one is a light editor and the other works as a TV cameraman!”

“So maybe the two brothers work at Retro Stadium and Nathan was visiting them and they decided to all team up and steal the balls,”  replied Michael.

“This is what I think happened, one brother turned off all of the lights so that the one that is a cameraman can sprint onto the field and grab the balls.  He ran off the field (still in the dark) and switched his bag with Nathan’s” said Scott.

“That would explain why our TV went black, because he ditched the camera and ran to get the balls!” exclaimed Michael.


A week later the two boys got a call telling them that they were right about the brothers stealing the balls and how they did it.  They were both given medals to honor them and field passes to a Warriors game!


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