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BPS K-8 Awards for the First Grading Period

by Jennifer Andrews on October 30, 2014

 Bremen Public Schools K-8 Awards for the first grading period of the 2014-15 school year...


$10 PTO Drawing Winners
Roger Rivera (3rd Grade Perfect Attendance), Andrew Ton (4th Grade Honor Roll), Marcos Mejia (5th Grade Perfect Attendance), Isabella Padilla (4th Grade Perfect Attendance)


$10 PTO Drawing Winners
AydanAukerman (Kindergarten Perfect Attendance), Hazen Brandys (2nd Grade Perfect Attendance), Jared Alvarado (1st Grade Perfect Attendance)


Drawing Winners
DeLanieBamburg (6th Grade Perfect Attendance), Airyona Nies (6th Grade AR Winner), MaddixBogunia-Bright (6th Grade Honor Roll), CamrynCook (8th Grade AR Winner), Naomi Ayvar (8th Grade Perfect Attendance), Kaelyn Shively (8th Grade Honor Roll), Kailey Simmons (7th Grade AR Winner)


564 AR Points in One Quarter
Jacob Payne


Kindergarten Bremen Honor Award Winners
Maria Yoder, Sean Clark, Joel Padilla, James Wickens


1st Grade Bremen Honor Award Winners
Marilyn Reynoso, Liz Gonzalez, Bronson Hirsch, Karla Valderrama, Jenna Holderman
Not Pictured: Landon Bates


2nd Grade Bremen Honor Award Winners
Hanna Miller, Alexis Corwin, Macie Binkley, Peyton Grounds


3rd Grade Bremen Honor Award Winners
Thomas Holderman, Lance Moser, Sarah Stine, Anthony Torres
Not Pictured: Michaela Berger


4th Grade Bremen Honor Award Winners
Isabella Smith, Selena Martinez, Breanna Hawkins, Angel Estrada


5th Grade Bremen Honor Awards
Jeremiah Yoder, Janelle Chupp, Allison Jeffirs, Angela Vallejo, Mackenzie Reasor


6th Grade Bremen Honor Awards
Front Row: RJ Simpson, Collin Moren, Brett Yelaska, Jonah Cross
2nd Row: Courtney Lawmaster, Hailee Clyde, Alexa Juarez, Angela Slabaugh
Back Row: Catherine Reynoso, Isabel Reynoso, Brady Ginter, Grant Kauffman


7th Grade Bremen Honor Awards
Front Row: Logan Heller, Julio Gonzalez, Jennifer Gonzalez
2nd Row: Erin Coffel, Emily Smith, McKenna Myers, Dellenira Duran
Back Row: Brian Hardin, Justin Schmitt, KristynKertai, Daniel Townsend, LuisJacobo
Not Pictured: Cambrie Feldman, Sam Huffman


8th Grade Bremen Honor Awards
Front Row: Genesis Arevalo, Zianna Hummel, AshleyJeffirs
2nd Row: Lexi Mendez, Abigail Ukinski, Jackson Barnes
Back Row: Eric Perez, Jennifer Esparza, Morgan Lampton, Ethan King, ColeBonDurant


Cheerleading Awards
SarahSchweisberger (Most Improved)
Not Pictured: Cori Jones (Mental Attitude)


Football Awards
Art Chapman (8th Grade Mental Attitude), Reece Willis (7th Grade Most Improved), Robert Mudica (7th Grade Most Improved)
Not Pictured: Sam Huffman (7th Grade Mental Attitude), Seth Young (Attitude), Logan Heller (Attitude)


Volleyball Awards
Erin Hollett (7th Grade Mental Attitude), Makenzie Meister (7th Grade Most Improved), Riley Hershberger (7th Grade Most Improved), Kaelyn Shively (8th Grade Mental Attitude)


2 Sport B Ribbons
Front Row: Lily Snyder, Makenzie Meister, Jasmine Gramm, Lilyan Reed, Jacob Andrews, Evan Yoder
2nd Row: Giselle Jimenez, Julianne Lawmaster, Taylor Britton, Cassie Gramm, Riley Gilmer, Logan Heller, Kenny Hilgendorf
3rd Row: Caden Anderson, Bailey Boyd,Kailey Simmons, Bailey Vermillion, Rachel Hall, Emily Smith, Kelly Serna, Jackie Alvarado, Janette Valderrama
Back Row: Kyle Graham, Brennen Adams, McKenna Myers, Shelby Ritter, Eric Perez, Wyatt Pollard, Andrew Parker, SkylerAukerman
Not Pictured: Chris Davis, Cody Fritz, Robert Simons, Arizona Nies, Mason Brown, Sydney Nykiel, Summer Walters, Julianne Detweiler, Andrea Hummel, Casey Tyler, Hanna Vida, Ellie Feldman


5 Sport Medallions
Front Row: Kaitlin Cullers, Allyssa Fanning, Kyleigh Stahly, Bryce Ginter
Back Row: Annabelle Heiter, Makayla Mahoney, Andrea Brooke, Kaelyn Shively



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