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BPS Lion's Pride Winners for the week of 3-23-15

by Bremen Public Schools on March 26, 2015
Lion's Pride Winners for the week of March 23rd
Front Row: Kowin Mullins (3rd Grade), Evan Vuittonet (Kindergarten), Emma Kincaid (1st Grade), Cora Callander (2nd Grade)
Back Row: Lexi Hines (4th Grade), Janelle Chupp (5th Grade), Evan Yoder (7th Grade), Adileidi Mendez (6th Grade)



Lion's Pride Winners for the week of March 23rd...

Kindergarten:  Evan Vuittonet
Given by Mrs. Gantz for helping a friend.

1st Grade:  Emma Kincaid
Given by Mrs. Eakins for always being willing to help a friend in need.

2nd Grade:  Cora Callander
Given by Mrs. Holbert for kindly helping other students during reading class on Friday.

3rd Grade:  Kowin Mullins
Given by Mrs. Whitinger/Davis for inviting someone into your group.  What a GREAT friend!

4th Grade:  Lexi Hines
Given by Mrs. Filchak for bringing her own money to donate to a classmate in need.

5th Grade:  Janelle Chupp
Given by Mrs. Dongell for turning in some real cash that she found in the hallway.

6th Grade:  Adileidi Mendez
Given by Mrs. Studt for setting a goal and reaching it.

7th Grade:  Evan Yoder
Given by Mrs. Porter for helping pick up someone’s books that had dropped.



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