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BPS Lion's Pride Winners for the weeks of 2-2-15 and 2-9-15

by Jennifer Andrews on February 9, 2015

Bremen Elementary / Middle School's Lion's Pride Winners for the week of February 2, 2015 and also for the week of February 9, 2015...

1st Row: Mady Clarkson (Kindergarten), Kallie Meister (2nd Grade), Logan Paul (Kindergarten), Emiret Chalte (1st Grade), McKenna Staner (1st Grade)
2nd Row: RJ Hamby (5th Grade), Samanta Calzada (3rd Grade), Chloe Miller (3rd Grade), Cassie DePoy (2nd Grade), Katie Moyer (4th Grade)
3rd Row: Jesse Rodriguez (6th Grade), Isaiah Ibarra, Arvin Weldy (5th Grade), Izzy Clinger (6th Grade), Cassie Gramm (7th Grade)
Not Pictured: Preston Porter (8th Grade)


The following students were selected as this week’s Lions Pride winners:

Kindergarten:  Mady Clarkson
Given by Mrs. Garcia for following directions the first time given!

1st Grade:  Emiret Chalte
Given by Mrs. Beehler/Davis for an amazing job with Months of Year and helping friends learn!

2nd Grade:  Kallie Meister
Given by Mrs. Troxel for being the World’s Best Complimenter!

3rd Grade:  Chloe Miller
Given by Mrs. Langdon for excellent work in Swoop.

4th Grade:  Isaiah Ibarra
Given by Mrs. Porter for being a very good example in Swoop.

5th Grade:  RJ Hamby
Gvien by Mrs. Dongell/Flesvig for making an excellent decision while out in the playground.

6th Grade:  Izzy Clinger
Given by Mrs. Studt for giving her best work

7th Grade:  Cassie Gramm
Given by Mrs. Johnson for doing an amazing job on her “Wonder” poster.


ALSO, Since we did not have school last Monday, we would like to add those this week...

Here are the names of last week’s winners:

Kindergarten:  Logan Paul
Given by Binkley for helping clean up the classroom

1st Grade:  McKenna Staner
Given by McIntyre for working hard!

2nd Grade:  Cassie DePoy
Given by Troxel for being a role model to the rest of the class.

3rd Grade:  Samanta Calzada
Given by Langdon for doing a super job on her spelling test.

4th Grade:  Katie Moyer
Given by Porter for always willing to be a helper!

5th Grade:  Arvin Weldy
Given by White for helping a new student acclimate to 5th grade.  Thank you for being so kind Arvin.

6th Grade:  Jesse Rodriguez
Given by Studt for always giving his best work!

8th Grade:  Preston Porter
Given by Studt for always being cheerful and polite!



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