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BREAKING NEWS: Boil Order for South Collier Street in Bremen

by Bremen Police Department on October 13, 2014

There is now a Boil Order for the 300 Block of South Collier Street ONLY in Bremen, due to a water main break. Bathing, laundry and restroom facilities are fine to use.  Hand-washed dishes must be rinsed with bottled or boiled water.  Water should not be consumed without boiling first.



We had a Water Main Break this morning on the 300 block of South Collier Street. We had to shut down the water main. We lost system pressure. Idem says, " Anytime pressure is lost in the distribution system, bacteria samples need to be drawn from the affected water main." 

We are analyzing water samples for the presence of bacteria. If two consecutive tests pass, the boil order will be lifted. A notice to the affected homes will be distributed via a flyer. 

Town water within the affected area should not be consumed without first following prescribed boiling procedures. The water remains safe for bathing, laundry, and restroom facilities. Cleaning dishes with a dishwasher is acceptable if it has sanitizing cycle. Hand washed dishes should be rinsed with water that has been boiled or bottled water. 

If you have any questions please feel free to call Alex Mikel at 574- 248-0294. 


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