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Bremen Hires New School Superintendent

by Amy Wenger on July 16, 2014
On the Right, New School Superintendent, Dr. Jim White.  Photo courtesy of Amy Wenger.

    The proverbial torch has been passed with regards to leadership at Bremen Public Schools.
    During the Tuesday evening session of the Bremen Public Schools Board of Trustees, the members gave a unanimous vote of support to the selection of Dr. Jim White as the new superintendent.  Dr. White is the successor to outgoing superintendent Russ Mikel, who previously held the position for nine years.

    "The search committee did a rigorous process, a thorough process, and I'd like to thank everyone for all the work they did, Sheila, Jill, and Todd, and also Mark Wagner.  Thank you very much for your work in this process," said board president Jack Jordan.  He also acknowledged the input and assistance from BEMS principal Larry Yelaska and BHS principal Bruce Jennings, as well as a number of faculty members who were involved at various levels in the interviewing and screening of candidates.

    After the vote was rendered, during which time Jordan recused himself, Dr. White received an official welcome from the board, along with an invitation to join the board for the remainder of the proceedings.  It was evident that Dr. White had already succeeded in developing a good rapport with the administrators, faculty, and staff when he was presented with a supply of Diet Coke, a gesture intended to poke fun at his fondness for caffeine.

    "This is for your day-to-day activities, and this is for your board meetings," joked secretary Todd Stuckman as he handed Dr. White the soda in both cans and a two-liter.  "We're excited to have you on board and we look forward to working with you," Stuckman added.

    An in-depth interview with Dr. White is being planned in the coming days, which will shed light on the attributes and credentials he is bringing to his new position.  Look for more information on Dr. White in an upcoming feature. 

First photo - Dr. Jim White, at right, takes his seat at the table alongside the Bremen Public Schools Board of Trustees, with secretary Todd Stuckman at left.  Dr. White was hired as the new superintendent during the board meeting which was held on Tuesday, July 15.

Second photo - Dr. Jim White, center in the back row, is welcomed to the Bremen Public School district as the new superintendent by the Board of Trustees.  In front are Vice-President Jill Hassel and Secretary Todd Stuckman.  In back are President Jack Jordan, Superintendent Dr. Jim White, and Board Member Chuck Klockow.  Absent is Board Member Sheila Kelty.  

Photo Courtesy of Amy Wenger.



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