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Bremen Town Council Meeting 01/12/15

by Town of Bremen on January 27, 2015

The Town Council of the Town of Bremen, Indiana, met in regular session at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, January 12, 2015, at the Bremen Town Hall pursuant to notice previously published.  Council members Michael Leman, Heath Thornton, Rick Graverson and James Leeper were present.  Also present were Trend Weldy, Director of Operations; Jay Stoneburner, Superintendent of the Electric Department; Alex Mikel, Assistant Superintendent of the Street and Water Department; Chief Matt Hassel, Police Department;Bill Reed, Superintendent of the Wastewater Department, Chief Matt Neher, Fire Department; Brian Main, Superintendent of the Park Department; Janet Anglemyer, Clerk-Treasurer; and Anthony Wagner, Town Attorney.

PUBLIC COMMENT:  Mr. Leman amended the agenda to allow Larry Long, retired Town Engineer, to address the Council.  Mr. Long thanked the Council, the Clerk-Treasurer, the Department Heads and others present for allowing him to work for Bremen for thirty-eight years.  He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work on many projects that have benefitted Bremen over the years, and reminisced about the professional friendships that he had developed with the officials, employees and residents of Bremen over the years.  The Council thanked Mr. Long for his service to the Town of Bremen, and Mr. Weldy presented him a gift in appreciation. 

MINUTES: Mr. Leman then resumed the posted agenda.  Mr. Graverson made a motion to approve the minutes of the December 22, 2014 meeting, which was seconded by Mr. Leeper and was carried by a vote of four ayes, zero nays.

CLERK-TREASURER: Ms. Anglemyer presented a two-part docket of claims for the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015.  Mr. Thornton asked whether the liens appearing as released were sewer liens; Ms. Anglemyer confirmed that was the case.  Mr. Thornton also inquired as to an expense attributed to the lift stations, but Ms. Anglemyer and Mr. Reed explained that the expenses were a group of Town utility accounts, including the lift stations.  Mr. Thornton made a motion to approve the docket, which was seconded by Mr. Graverson and carried by a vote of four ayes, zero nays.

Ms. Anglemyer presented Resolution 2015-1,regarding an increase in the rate for trash removal.  Ms. Anglemyer explained that the rate was included in the current three-year contract, and that the resolution served to confirm the increase.  Mr. Thornton made a motion to approve Resolution 2015-1, which was seconded by Mr. Leeper and carried by a vote of four ayes, zero nays.

ATTORNEY:  Mr. Wagner presented the Chamber of Commerce services agreement to Council.  Mr. Thornton made a motion to approve the agreement, which was seconded by Mr. Leeper and carried by a vote of four ayes, zero nays.  Mr. Wagner also informed the Council that he was still awaiting the documentation from Bowen Engineering.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Several members of the public appeared and expressed concern with the parking on Jackson Street near the restaurants.  Mr. Weldy added that he had spoken with those in the audience, and intended to propose the creation of one hour parking zones in the area to the Traffic Commission.  The Council thanks the audience members for bringing the matter to their attention.

DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS: Mr. Weldy submitted his report to the Council.  Mr. Weldy requested permission to seek bids for the water plant project.  He explained that the SRF funds were now available after all and that the project could proceed without borrowing TIF funds.  Mr. Thornton made a motion to seek bids on the water plant construction project, which was seconded by Mr. Graverson and carried by a vote of four ayes, zero nays.

Mr. Weldy then informed the Council that D&B Environmental Services had already completed the asbestos removal from the former Lebermuth building, and the county building inspector had recommended that the south portion of the building was in good enough condition to be retained.  Mr. Wagner explained that the donation had been agreed upon by both sides, but the deeds had not been completed yet due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Mr. Weldy reminded the Council about the comprehensive plan review meeting scheduled for January 15, and also informed them of another meeting for a county-wide skilled labor initiative. 

Mr. Weldy explained that he had been contacted by IDEM regarding the former Clark Station, and that the underground tanks appeared to be the subject of the inquiry.  Mr. Wagner added that the property was to be added to a list of potential brownfield development sites that the county was compiling for a grant to cover environmental testing expenses, and that the intention was to seek a second grant to assist with clean-up expenses.

Mr. Weldy asked whether the Council had any comments regarding the proposed abatement policy at the previous meeting.  Mr. Thornton asked whether the statement could be amended to account for a new, longer type of abatement, and Mr. Wagner said he would revise the statement accordingly. 

Mr. Weldy proposed that he and Mr. Wagner would work on a new vendor permit system to replace the outdated procedures in place.  He explained that he had already gathered information from other communities as well as input from the police department.

DEPARTMENT HEAD REPORTS: Mr. Stoneburner presented his report on behalf of the Electric Department.

Mr. Mikel submitted his monthly report along with his year-end report as well.  Mr. Graverson asked Mr. Mikel to explain his intention to return to meter pit systems.  Mr. Mikel explained that meter pits were regarded as one option to reduce unaccounted water loss, and that the pits would only be required on new construction or for the replacement of existing meters. 

Chief Hassel reminded the Council that a Traffic Commission meeting would take place immediately after the current meeting.  He requested permission to send Officer Young to a computer/cell phone forensic seminar in Florida in May, at a cost of approximately $1,000.00.  He noted that the seminar was offered only once per year, and would train Officer Young for more detailed analysis.  Mr. Leeper made a motion to permit Officer Young to attend the seminar in Florida, which was seconded by Mr. Thornton and carried by a vote of four ayes, zero nays.

Mr. Main told the Council that the ice skating rink had already been used, and that the new tractor had proved much more efficient at moving snow than the old tractor.  He also informed the Council that he would be attending the state parks and recreation conference in Michigan City soon.

Mr. Reed submitted his report on behalf of the Wastewater Department.

Chief Neher informed the council that the Firefighters Association had approved Nate Lockwood as a probationary firefighter.  He asked the Council to permit the Department to host a 5K race on July 4, during this year’s Firemen’s Festival.  He noted that the events would consist of a one mile fun run, a 5K race and a 5K walk, and that he would report back with the specific street closures at a future meeting.  Mr. Graverson made a motion to allow the Fire Department to host the 5K run and related events on July 4, 2015, which was seconded by Mr. Leeper and carried by a vote of four ayes, zero nays.  Chief Neher informed the Council that the Department would have an insurance review soon, and that he hoped their rates would be lowered, and that he had prepared specifications for a new engine to submit at a later meeting.  Mr. Thornton commended Chief Neher for his initiative in the pursuit of grant funding, and thanked the Fire Association for the donations they had made to benefit Bremen.  Chief Neher added that the Association would host a couples stag event in April.

Mr. Leeper made a motion to accept the Department Head reports, which was seconded by Mr. Graverson and carried by a vote of four ayes, zero nays.

TOWN ENGINEER:  Ken Jones, Jr. appeared and introduced himself to the Council. 

COUNCIL COMMENTS:  Mr. Thornton explained that he had spoken to Representative Harmon about the pending legislation regarding electric service territories and how it would negatively impact the Town of Bremen.  He encouraged everyone present to contact Representative Harmon and Senator Mishler regarding the issue.

ADJOURNMENT: Mr. Leeper made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by Mr. Thornton and carried by a vote of four ayes, 0 nays. 


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