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Bremen Town Council Meeting 5-27-14

by Amy Wenger on May 28, 2014
Town Council; Jim Leeper, Mike Leman, Heath Thornton and Rick Graverson.

The Tuesday, May 27 session of the Bremen Town Council was truly an exercise in efficiency, as the members managed to accomplish a fair number of tasks and discuss various issues, all within the span of a half hour.

The first order of business was to receive bids for the 2014 resurfacing project, in which a number of street sections will be repaved.  There were four contractors who submitted bids for consideration, including:
- Walsh and Kelly, Inc., South Bend - $196,733.40
- Rieth-Riley, South Bend - $185,118.70
- E and B Paving, Rochester - $213,138.90
- Phend and Brown, Milford - $183,255.40
The bids were forwarded to Town Engineer Larry Long, who will take the bids under advisement and make his recommendation at a future session.

A listing of the roads that are slated for improvements this year is as follows:
- 200 through 300 blocks of North Alexander Street
- 100 through 200 blocks of East North Street
- 100 block of North Washington Street
- 100 through 200 blocks of East South Street
- 400 block of West Maple Street
- 200 through 400 blocks of East Bike Street
- 200 through 300 blocks of North East Street
- 100 block of South East Street
- 400 block of South Whitlock Street
- Stock Street
- 500 block of South Shumaker Street
- Storage Building
- 500 block of South Stewart Street
- 1000 block of West Grant Street
- 200 through 400 blocks of South Liberty Drive
- 1000 through 1100 blocks of West South Street
- 1600 block of West Grant Street
- Corey Drive
- East Court
- 800 block of West Bike Street
- Electric parking lot

    On a related subject, Long noted that the same four companies that were in contention for the street repaving effort also turned in bids for the North Douglas storm drainage improvement project.  He advised the council to proceed with accepting a bid from Phend and Brown, which offered the lowest estimate at $9,275.50, a move the members subsequently approved.

    Noteworthy developments were provided by several department heads, including Park Superintendent Brian Main.  Main noted that the May 24 "Barn Prom" event was a resounding success, with over 1,000 students in attendance, some traveling from as far as Ohio and Fort Wayne to participate.  Main attributed the high attendance to the ongoing stream of social media updates that occurred during the course of the night, and he added that while the number was certainly more than was originally expected, the kids conducted themselves very well, and there were no incidences of trouble.  Main also stated that the organizers raised approximately $10,000, with a large portion of that total going to charity once expenses are accounted for.

    Main also shared with the council that the plans are still in place for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Bremen Community Pool at Sunnyside Park.  The party will be held on June 7 from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.  There will be free swimming and food, a cannonball competition, music, games, and prize giveaways.

    Alex Mikel, Superintendent of the Water and Street Department, received the council's approval to seek out quotes to have the steel tank repainted at the town's legendary water standpipe, a project he is estimating to run between $25,000 to $30,000.  Councilman Rick Graverson wondered about the possibility of securing grant money to help offset the project cost, since the water tower is a historic landmark.  Director of Operations Trend Weldy explained that the process of becoming eligible for such funds is a lengthy and confusing process, and very likely not worth the time and energy that would be invested in applying.

    From Police Chief Matt Hassel came a request to reassign Steve Pittman to the rank of Sergeant, effective June 2.  The council voted to accept the move.

    An announcement was also made regarding vacancies within the Police Commission, in that the group is looking for Democratic affiliated candidates.  Anyone who wishes to be considered for a seat on this board is urged to contact Trend Weldy at 546-2044.

    The next meeting of the Bremen Town Council is scheduled for Monday, June 9 at 7:30 in the council chambers of the Bremen Town Hall.


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