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Bremen Town Council Meeting & Economic Development Meeting 6-23-14

by Amy Wenger on June 25, 2014

Three different governing bodies of Bremen leadership gathered in rapid succession earlier this week and whisked through the business at hand, each having one common goal - to expand the boundaries of the community's TIF district.  This was the issue at hand during sessions of the Bremen Redevelopment Commission, the Bremen Plan Commission, and the Bremen Town Council, all of whom met on the night of Monday, June 23.

    TIF is an acronym for Tax Increment Financing, and it is used as a means of public financing to help cultivate and promote community development and growth.  The method employs the use of future gains within the allotted district to help pay for such improvements as infrastructure and other projects involving the creation of public and private business.  As site values and private investments are increased, this helps to create a greater tax increment.

    Bremen has a TIF district currently in place, which has been established to continue until the year 2025.  (see map for greater detail)  The former TIF district is situated in the northeast portion of the area, encompassed by SR 331 to the west, US 6 to the north, North Douglas Road to the east, and the railroad tracks to the south.  There are a few parcels that extend beyond those boundaries, including a large area north of West Dewey Street, between Keyser Street and Bowen Avenue, and another significant strip of land south of the railroad tracks and west of the SR 106 corridor leading away from downtown Bremen, just north of the residential area.

    The new TIF district that was agreed upon by members from all of the groups represented will include the site of the new Universal Bearings building as well as local business Coleman Cable.  Those sites are located between North Birkey and Spencer Streets, with another just west of North Shumaker Drive, north of West Plymouth Street, and a section of West North Street and North Birkey Street.
    The Bremen Redevelopment Commission was first to address this subject, and they did so by adopting an Amending Declaratory Resolution to redesignate the TIF district.  From there, the Bremen Plan Commission took the issue and adopted an order to approve the Amending Declaratory Resolution.  Finally, the Bremen Town Council adopted the measure in the form of Resolution 2014-8, by order of the Plan Commission.

    The timetable for future implementation now means that a public hearing will be scheduled for the evening of July 14 at 7 p.m.  That will be followed by the regularly scheduled Bremen Town Council meeting at 7:30 p.m., when the official adoption will be rendered.

    Other matters that were addressed during the course of the evening were as follows:
    - Because the Bremen Plan Commission was conducting their first meeting of 2014, a slate of officers had to be installed.  The officers were voted upon, and will remain the same as they had been in 2013.  Mike Huppert will continue as president, Jill Hassel will serve as vice-president, and Anthony Wagner remains as the secretary.
    - Town Council members received an update from Police Chief Matt Hassel with regards to an ongoing situation with redefining parking areas along certain residential streets in town.  It has been established that some of the more narrow side roads do not allow for safe navigation of snow plows and emergency vehicles when cars are parked on both sides of the road.  Therefore, there will soon be restrictions imposed on those as-yet unspecified roads.  Hassel said that affected residents have been notified of the impending changes, and they will be given opportunities to voice their concerns at future council sessions.
    - A quote was received and approved upon from H2O Towers in the amount of $22,700 to paint the historic water standpipe.
    - New signage is likely to be purchased for the west side of town, to be viewed as drivers are entering Bremen from West Plymouth Street.  Director of Operations Trend Weldy distributed a preliminary design that is being considered, which is 12 by 12 feet vinyl and features a changeable panel at the bottom so that various honors and distinctions can be included on the sign.  Early estimates fall in the $2800 range for the new sign.

    The next session of the Bremen Town Council will take place on Monday, July 14 at 7:30 in the council chambers of the Bremen Town Hall.  

Blue areas are the new TIF areas being discussed.  Map produced by Marshall County GIS Department.



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