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Schneider Retires after 57 Years at Don's Barber Shop

by Jeff Clark on March 21, 2015

Residents of Bremen are quite familiar with the sight of the spinning barberpole outside Don’s Barber Shop downtown.  While the pole may keep on spinning for years to come, things will look a little different inside.  Don Schneider, owner and operator of Don’s, is retiring after 57 years in the business.  The shop will continue to operate under new ownership.

Don was 23 years old when he first opened the shop in 1958.  Previously, he had worked as a produce boy for Woodie Schramm in Woodie’s Grocery store, just a couple doors down.  He’s seen a lot of changes during that time.

One thing that hasn’t changed much is the atmosphere of the barber shop.  The decor inside has stayed pretty much the same throughout the years.  Men waiting their turn for a haircut know that Don will have his radio tuned to the Christian music station.

They also know that for six months out of the year, the clock on the wall will be covered with a piece of cardboard.  When the state of Indiana enacted state-wide observance of Daylight Savings Time in 2006, Don elected not to participate.  Instead of moving his clock forward and backward, he covers it up in protest when the time changes and uncovers it when time changes back.

Don is very passionate about Bremen history.  His barbershop has always been richly decorated with vintage photographs of Bremen people, architecture and events.

No plans of moving south for this retiree.  Don says he plans to stay in Bremen.  “This is home.  The hardest thing for me will be not seeing my regular customers all the time.  A lot of them don’t live here in Bremen, so I don’t know when I’ll get to see them.”

If you see Don around town, be sure to wish him a happy retirement and thank him for his part in making Bremen what it still is today, “A Good Town.”

Don Schneider.  Photo credit: Jeff Clark.



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