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The People's Paper Advertising Options and Student Programs

by Tammy Venable on January 19, 2015


Have you ever thought about advertising with us?  The People's Paper is provided free to readers.  There are still costs involved for the three of us that own and operate the paper (Les Turner, Amy Wenger and Tammy Venable).  For those things, we sell ads on our site.

We do our best to get the latest Bremen news and other pertinent information out to our readers while still being respectful.  We are continually adding new things to our paper, such as the School Closings that were recently added.  We have more plans to add more items this year that people will love (stay tuned for those!).

If you own a business or have the authority to do so, you can also pick up a stack of business cards at Custom Framing Solutions/Unicom Satellite in downtown Bremen to put at your front desk/counter to help promote us.  If you can't stop by to pick them up, send us an e-mail at and we will get some to your business.  Anything you can do to help us is very much appreciated.

Here is the link to our Ad Submission Form.

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One of the programs that we started this year was the Student Journalism Program.  If you know of a student that has writing skills and would like to get something they can add to their resume, let them know about this program.  Here are the forms they would need in order to start the program...

Student Journalism Program Rubric (How their writing is Judged)

Student Journalism Program Information


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