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TP'ing: Fun or Fallicious?

by Tammy Venable on May 16, 2014
Photo Courtesy of Les Turner.

It seems every year, students at Bremen High School find a need to TP the courtyard at the High School.  Last night, May 15, 2014 was no exception.  More and more it seems that this activity is condoned and accepted by adults in the community.  Bruce Jennings, BHS Principal states, “I think some adults even encourage it each fall and spring as a sort of rite of passage.”  Once the good weather hits, students start planning ornery activities.  Jennings said, “Electronics makes it pretty easy to organize an impromptu flash mob too.”

There are always some students that tend to take the activities too far.  Over the years, Bruce Jennings has encountered activities far worse during the TP incidences.  Last night there was also profanity written with chalk on the sidewalks.   The Prom is being held tomorrow night, May 17th, which may have prompted the students to be ornery.

It takes a long period of time to clean up the mess from one of these incidences.  Jennings stated, “The Principal has probably personally picked up more toilet paper than anyone in history.  In fact, I picked up some rolls (that were still in the bag) last night at midnight, and I’m sure there will be more to pick up for the next month as it falls out of the trees.”

Mr. Jennings believes that the majority of students really appreciate Bremen High School, but he’s pretty sure this will not be the last time this happens at the school.  It disappoints him that the students would want to “trash” their school.  Jennings stated, “As I am reminded by parents sometimes, there are worse things that the teenagers could be doing.”


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