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With Storm Season Here, Are you Ready?

by Rachel Langdon on June 2, 2016

Bremen- Storm season has arrived, Do you and your family have a plan and supplies ready to go in case of a severe weather event? Here are some helpful ideas that can and will tame the chaos severe weather can bring.

In an event of the chance of severe weather, here is some basic info to know first. Knowing the difference between a watch and a warning and making sure your kids know the difference as well, can be very helpful in keeping everyone calm. A watch is a slight possibility of a pop up storm that has the potential to become severe. Just because it was a storm a few counties away does not mean it can not be damaging when it hits your town and vice versa. So keep in contact with family and stay updated. A warning means severe weather has greater chance of happening and is close by and will more than likely hit near you and around you. Stay home and keep the children indoors.

Here in Indiana, severe weather can mean anything between heavy rain, low visibility, lots of ground to cloud lightning strikes, strong winds, hail, and/or tornados. Having a plan and supplies are very important in the case of severe weather. Here are some ideas to include in your family safety plan and severe weather kit.

For starters, as intriguing and beautiful storms can be, stay inside, keep away from windows, and leave the chasing to the professionals. Keep your television on a local channel for updates, in case the power goes out, have a storage bin, bag or box full of batteries, candles, flashlights, weather radio or battery powered radio, portable battery chargers for cell phones, and some type of family games or activities to keep kids minds occupied. You might also want to make sure you have a cooler or 2 of water, snacks, and supplies for a meal or two.

In the case of tornado watch or warning, Have plans to go to the basement or the lowest level of your home in an interior room with no windows and have blankets or mattress or something to help protect you and your family. You may also plan with neighbors or other family members or friends that have a basement or storm shelter to gather there in a timely manner. Do not wait until you hear the sirens. 

These are just some ideas, You might already have your own plan for your family and maybe do drills every now and then. Which isn't a bad idea either, it could help reduce the panic in such situations. The best thing about all of the above is they can be applied even in winter storms as well. They don't only have to apply to the summer storm season. 

Most importantly, no matter if it's a winter or summer severe storm do what you can think of to make sure you and your family remain safe.


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