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Woodies Supermarket Chooses Poetry Contest Winners

by Tammy Venable on December 2, 2014

Every once in a while, Woodies Supermarket in Bremen holds a "Poetry Contest" on their Facebook page.  The last one ended on November 28th and there were 3 winners.  Each winner received a gift certificate to Woodies.

 The following poems were the winners...

By Keith Board

The apples they sell are tasty and red
And everyone loves their deli fresh bread.
They have chicken and steak and hamburger too,
And freshest veggies that make the best stew.

There’s dairy and crackers and frozen confections
And breakfast cereals with so many selections.
The people who work there are friendly and kind
And helpful whenever there's something to find.

When my family and friends start wanting some goodies
We always find ourselves shopping at Woodies!

By Linda Mullen Clevenger

When winter storms rise, with the threat of a blizzard,
We all flock to Woodies and, just like a wizard,

The bread, milk and eggs, they all disappear
For without these three staples, comes our worst fear:

We don’t want to get snowbound without all these goodies,
So the one place that saves us is our good town’s Woodies.

By Julie Rae

Let's get vocal about the store that's local, 
Their prices are dandy and the store is so handy! 

I love their fresh meat, 
their deli can't be beat, 

Their staff is great, 
they don't like to make you wait. 

The produce is fresh, the breads always soft,
shopping here will never leave you cross! 

Winter, spring, summer or fall, shopping here for some or all, you will find Woodies
has all your goodies!!


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