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Marshall County Board of Commissioners Minutes for February 2, 2015

by Marshall County Commissioners on February 25, 2015

The Board of Commissioners of Marshall County, Indiana, met in the Commissioners Room, 112 W. Jefferson Street, Plymouth, Indiana at 8:30 a.m., Monday, February 2, 2015, for a regular meeting. Present were Commissioners, Kevin Overmyer, President; Deb Griewank, Vice President; Kurt West Garner; County Attorney, James Clevenger and County Auditor, Julie A. Fox. The meeting was opened in due form and the business before it heard. The Pledge of Allegiance was given.


Mike Miley of Gibson Insurance presented the Commercial Risk Management and Insurance Proposal for the term 1-31-2015 to 1-31-2016. Mr. Miley praised the Safety Committee for their work and the Commissioners for supporting them, their work assisted in keeping costs down.


Mr. Trester submitted a letter to the Board members updating the progress of the 7th Road project and the City of Plymouth Metronet conduit installation. The 7th Road mitigation project has begun with the contractor regarding the clearing and grading operations. The City of Plymouth Metronet conduit installation needs to be confirmed with Brent Martin regarding completion and final quantities.


Mill Pond Dam: Ms. Baker gave a comparison of the quotes previously submitted to the Commissioners. Kurt Garner moved, seconded by Deb Griewank, to contract with DLZ on the Mill Pond Dam as we have a working relationship with DLZ in their work on Hickory Road Bridge, Pioneer Drive and Michigan Street Bridge. Motion carried 3-0.

Pugmill Estimates: Mr. Peters updated the Board regarding the estimates indicating the second quote came in at $312,000. Kolberg came in at $285,000 and is requesting 10% down to hold the unit, with 10% money back upon selection. Deb Griewank moved, seconded by Kurt Garner, to allow 10%, $28, 500 to Kolberg for the pugmill machine. Motion carried 3-0.

Hickory Bridge: Ms. Baker indicated INDOT issued purchase order and given Notice to Proceed on Bridge 81. Kurt Garner moved, seconded by Deb Griewank, to proceed and give DLZ notice to proceed for work on the Hickory Road Bridge. Motion carried 3-0.


Ms. Johnson of DLZ informed the Board that survey notices on Hickory Bridge would be going out this week with the surveying to start the first of March. DLZ will work closely with the Surveyor, Larry Fisher. DLZ will work with the Lake Latonka Property Owners Association and the land owners on the Mill Pond Dam matter. A commitment will be issued for any Commissioner plaque that may be on the bridge.


Linda Rippy presented the monthly report, noting the Marshall County Historical Society was selected for the 2014 Outstanding Historical Organization Award. The award is presented to a local or county historical society, organization or site in Indiana which has demonstrated remarkable public service and programs to its community. The Commissioners congratulated Linda and the Society for all of their hard work. Ms. Rippy indicated that renovations are ongoing to the facility for additional storage. Bicentennial work continues to be reviewed for Marshall County which will include all five routes in Marshall County.


Jerry Huss requested permission to travel for State of Indiana, Weights & Measures training in Chesterton, Indiana, beginning February 23, 2015 through February 27, 2015. Jerry Huss thanked the Commissioners for allowing Dwight Wenino to train. Deb Griewank moved, seconded by Kurt Garner, to allow Jerry Huss permission to travel for State of Indiana, Weights & Measures training in Chesterton, Indiana, on February 23, 2015 through February 27, 2015. Motion carried 3-0.


Vickie Peuquet appeared requesting a permit for erosion control on the extension of 3295 Addison Street, Lake of the Woods. Goal is to repair the access in order to stop the erosion. Open discussion was conducted by the Board. The Board tabled the matter until the next meeting. KurtGarnermoves,secondedbyDebGriewank,totabletherequestandsetthe matter on the next Commissioners agenda for further consideration. Motion Carried 3-0.

February claims: Submitted for approval. Deb Griewank moved, seconded by Kurt Garner, to approve the February claims as presented. Motion carried 3-0.

Commissioners sign three titles for the exchange of vehicles from the Sheriff’s Department through Oliver Ford Lincoln.


Old Business:

Prepayment Ordinance: Mr. Clevenger presented Ordinance 2015-01, a term has been added to allow department heads to purchase merchandise and supplies under $750.00 with a credit card and to permit early reimbursement. Kurt Garner moved, seconded by Deb Griewank, to suspend the rules and approve on second and third reading the Prepayment Ordinance Amendment No. 2015-01 to allow department heads to purchase merchandise and supplies under $750.00 with a credit card and permit early reimbursement. Motion carried 3-0.

Treasurer/Brayco: Brayco is in Bankruptcy. The reorganization plan will pay the taxes owed but with a long-term payment plan over 5 years, which may be filed this week. The Marshall County Treasurer is willing to accept the plan.

New Business:

Midwest Network Cooperative-Metronet: Marshall County Information Technology requests to enter into an agreement with Midwest Network Cooperative a managing firm for the broadband services for the Metronet. The initial start-up cost is $855, with an initial monthly fee of $383.53. The fee can go up or down depending upon the number of members of the cooperative sharing expenses and allows for 30 days termination if necessary. Deb Griewank moved, seconded by Kurt Garner, to approve the Midwest Network and Marshall County Cooperative Agreement for fiber services. Motion carried 3-0.

SRI-Resolution 2014-08 and SRI-Resolution 2015-02: Noted in the minutes to clarify that the Resolution was adopted in 2014 and also in 2015.

January 20, 2015 minutes: Submitted for approval. Deb Greiwank moved, seconded by Kurt Garner, to approve the minutes of the January 20, 2015 meeting. Motion carried 3-0.

SRI Tax Certificate Sale Update: Noted that the Commissioners would be conducting a work session in order to establish parcel bids for the tax certificate sale.


Bruce Wakeland submits a recommendation proposal for control of bush honeysuckle in 21 acres located in the Marshall County Memorial Forrest, Section 28 of West Township, Marshall County, Indiana. Cost proposal for work described is $2,964.


Kevin Overmyer noted in the minutes that he along with Council Member, Judy Stone, attended a Plymouth City Council meeting the previous Monday at which Sheriff Chamberlin and Police Chief Bacon gave a presentation on central dispatch which council and commissioners of the county were not aware of. In July of 2011, Sheriff Chamberlin was before the County Council and spoke about central dispatch, along with the Mayor of Plymouth, Mark Senter, who requested that county officials consider forming an ADHOC Committee to study the issue of central dispatch and help develop a fair funding mechanism. Mayor Senter recommended the committee include commissioners, county council, himself and a member from each of the surrounding communities to receive as much input as possible. July 18, 2011, commissioners meeting, they both came back in and again Mayor Senter reiterated the committee should include several members of all jurisdictions in order Minutes 02-02-2015 to increase understanding and cooperation. We did form an ADHOC committee which included myself, Judy Stone, the Mayor, Jim Cox, Ward Byers. The purpose of that ADHOC committee in the beginning was just to explore the possibilities and what the pitfalls were. We had contacted our county attorney and requested that he put an agreement together. Mr. Clevenger noted the discussions at that time and the drafting of the intergovernmental agreement between the towns and to form a Board according to Indiana Code, which was never finalized.

Judy Stone is for central dispatch but has some concerns about liability and perpetuation down the road with a different sheriff, in addition to the costs therein.
Mr. Overmyer requested drafting a memorandum of understanding between county jurisdictions for perpetuation and liability.

With no further business to come before the Board, Deb Griewank moved, seconded by Kurt Garner, to adjourn the meeting at 10:20 a.m. Motion carried 3-0.


Local Radar