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Wakarusa Children's Resale

by Donna Love on March 19, 2015

What: Annual Spring/Summer Children’s Resale (17th sale) at close to 375 sellers

Where: Wakarusa Missionary Church 202 West Waterford Street in Wakarusa (574) 862-2102

When: Saturday, March 28th from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm *Open to the Public* Set up starts on Mon., March 23rd and activity continues through the 28th!

Two levels of children’s essentials filling over 5,000 square feet under one roof!

Contacts: Sarah Freitas, Resale Coordinator Donna Love, Advertising Coordinator (574)862-1628 home (574) 875-3947 home (574) 862-2102 church (574) 612-1976 cell

“Undeniably the largest Resale event within Elkhart County,” “Truly the most organized sale ever,” “Fulfilling a vital need within the community on a consistent basis” are just some of the positive comments used by community shoppers, sellers, and partners of the Wakarusa Children’s Resale. This 17th Resale will display the largest number of items ever for the sale and will also include more sellers than ever. “New sellers bring such a great assortment of items that are bargained priced as each seller works hard to create some space in their own homes,” reports Sarah Freitas, Resale Co-Coordinator. “Seasoned sellers know to price their items remarkably low in order to serve their community so this sale is always a win win for everyone!” Summer/Spring clothing/shoes/swim suits/ light jackets, nursery décor, toys, bedding, books, DVDs, games and so much more will be available on March 28th from 8-1 at the Wakarusa Children’s Resale. The Resale draws local families shopping for like-new, gently used high quality items for children of all ages. In addition to baby and older children’s necessities, the Children’s Resale also offers a number of items for expectant mothers. Close to 350 sellers are thrilled to utilize their returned 85% to supplement their tight budgets.

Following each sale, several local non for profit organizations such as RETA (Reason Enough to Act, Elkhart), FCDC (Family Christian Development Center, Nappanee), & the Women’s Shelter/Babe Store (Elkhart) receive generous cash donations totaling 10% of the total sales. The remaining 5% from the sale is used to purchase supplies and pay for advertising. Thousands of hours will be donated by mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers and so many others to organize and prepare the Resale items for this anticipated sale. So many talented people come together to use their gifts to consolidate this sale for the public. In addition to the volunteers, local businesses are excited to join with the Resale Partnership Program which provides funds for families in need. “It is so exciting to see how local businesses are willing to step up and donate to the Resale so that we can in turn help someone in need,” shares Committee member, Angie Mattern. According to Mattern, “There is always an almost desperate need for families to be blessed through the Resale and reaching out to hurting families is the primary goal of the Resale.

Being able to share this blessing to the community with the help of our business sponsors truly inspires us all.” The public is also invited to participate as volunteers as over 225 community volunteer slots (3 hours in length) will be available for sign up on a first come first serve basis at Wakarusa Missionary Church on Sat, March 7th from 8:30 – 10. Come share in the fun of serving others through this ministry! 



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