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2014 Bremen Middle School Cross Country Awards

by Eric Hudson on October 14, 2014

2014 Bremen Middle School Cross Country Awards...

From left to right... Most Improved...
Overall- 7th Grade Runner- Julianne Lawmaster, 8th Grade Runner- Eric Perez, 7th Grade Runner- Bobby Simons, Overall- Jasmine Gramm, 6th Grade Runner- Caroline Fish, 8th Grade Runner- MaKayla Mahoney,
(NOT PICTURED) Overall- Logan Heller, 6th Grade Runner- Joseph Starcevich


From left to right... Most Valuable... 
8th Grade Runner- Bryce Ginter, 8th Grade Runner- Makayla Mahoney, Most Valuable Runner- Allyssa Fanning, 6th Grade Runner- Haylie Rodriguez
Most Valuable Runner-  Logan Fish, 7th Grade Runner- Evan Yoder, 6th Grade Runner- Collin Moren, (NOT PICTURED) 7th Grade Runner- Emily Smith,


From left to right... Perfect Attendance... 
Front row: Riley Gilmer, Lilyan Reed, Kaitlyn Cullers, Cathy Reynoso, 
Second row: Collin Moren, Andrew Sincovics, Allyssa Fanning, Cody Fritz, Julie Tyler, Taylor Britton, Cassie Gramm, Courtney Lawmaster, Grace Mikel,      
Back row:  Jacob Fish, Makayla Mahoney, Kailey Simmons, Janitzy Valderrama, Logan Fish, Grant Kauffman, Caroline Fish, Abigail Ukinski, 
(NOT PICTURED) Rachel Hall,   Cambrie Feldman, Carson Spaid


From left to right... Coaches, Wow and Mental Attitude Awards... 
Front row:  Wow Award- Caylee Bar, Wow Award & Mental Attitude Award - Seth Young, Mental Attitude Award- Riley Gilmer, Coaches Award- Kaitlyn Cullers, (NOT PICTURED) Coaches Award- Carson Spaid


From left to right... 3-Year Participant Awards..
Bryce Ginter. Logan Fish, Sarah Leeper, Allyssa Fanning, MaKayla Mahoney, Kaitlyn Cullers, Abigail Ukinski 


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