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Bremen Cross Country Defeats Urey

by Eric Hudson on September 5, 2014

Bremen results from Thursday night Cross Country with Urey...

BMS Boys Cross Country
Bremen- 20: Urey- 42

Bremen Middle School Boys Cross-Country team was at home last night and defeated Urey with a massive 5 Personal Records and 18 Season’s Best. The Lions are now 6-3 overall and 1-1 in Conference.
Place    Runner                       Time
1st        Logan Fish                 11:13       Season’s Best
2nd       Bryce Ginter               11:32       Personal Record
4th        Collin Moren               12:03       Season’s Best
5th        Evan Yoder                 12:12       Season’s Best
8th        Kenny Hilgendorf         12:30       Personal Record
9th        Carson Spaid              12:38       Season’s Best
10th      Andrew Sinkovics        13:04       Season’s Best
11th      Brian Hardin                13:11       Season’s Best
13th      Brett Yalaska              13:15
15th      Grant Kauffman           13:18       Season’s Best
18th      Cody Fritz                   13:32       Personal Record
21st      Brady Ginter                13:53       Season’s Best
22nd     Jacob Fish                   13:54       Season’s Best
23rd      Bobby Simmons          13:54       Personal Record
24th      Logan Heller                 14:09       Personal Record
25th      Jonah Cross                 14:17       Season’s Best
27th      Seth Young                  14:37       Season’s Best
28th      Jacob Cross                 14:43       Season’s Best

BMS Girls Cross Country
Bremen-23: Urey-51
Bremen Middle School Girls Cross-Country team was at home last night and defeated Urey with a massive 4 Personal Records and every girl improved with a Season’s Best. The Lions are now 7-2 overall and 2-0 in Conference.
Place    Runner                       Time  
1st        Allyssa Fanning         11:47       Season’s Best
4th        Makayla Mahoney      12:58       Personal Record                  
5th        Haylie     Rodriguez    13:05       Season’s Best
6th        Emily Smith               13:15       Season’s Best
7th        Katie Barnes              13:20       Season’s Best
8th        Andrea Hummel          13:23       Season’s Best
9th        Kaitlyn Cullers            13:43       Season’s Best
10th      Julie Tyler                   13:45       Season’s Best
11th      Zianna Hummel           13:52       Season’s Best
12th      Jasmine Gramm          13:52       Personal Record
13th      Rachel Hall                 13:57       Season’s Best
16th      Riley Gilmer                14:12       Personal Record
18th      Jackie Alvarado           14:27       Season’s Best
19th      Kailey Simmons          14:28       Season’s Best
22nd     Kelsey Lawmaster        14:59       Season’s Best
23rd      Cathy Reynoso            15:18       Season’s Best
24th      Julianne Lawmaster      15:20       Personal Record
25th      Courtney Lawmaster     15:25       Season’s Best
26th      Victoria Fernandez        15:27       Season’s Best
27th      Cassie Gramm             15:59       Season’s Best
28th      Chloe Hundt                 16:02       Season’s Best
29th      Lilly Snyder                  16:08       Season’s Best

All photographs were courtesy of Eric Hudson.


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