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Bremen Football Team Has Pre-Game Feast

by Amy Wenger on October 23, 2014

     Those who have called Bremen their home for any considerable length of time are certainly well aware of the stories behind the "Long Green Line."

     However varied those tales have been over the years, there are a few common threads that have been woven. endured, and bonded strong.  The ebullience of camaraderie, the exhilaration of team pride and hometown spirit, and the powerful sense of tradition.

Photo courtesy of Tammy Venable.

     On Thursday evening, October 23, the BHS football squad was on the receiving end of a resurgence in one of those hallowed traditions.  Thanks to the efforts of team parents, supporters, and members of the Bremen Police Department, the young men were treated to a pre-game feast, designed to christen the start of sectional action.  The meal, which consisted of steaks, sides, and other offerings, was furnished by the players' families, and the steaks were prepared by the police department officers and staff.  The event was held at the Bremen Police Department garage.

     There is a tangible sense of poignancy surrounding the dinner, particularly for senior player Beau Beeson.  Beeson is the son of former Bremen police officer Chad Beeson, one in a trio of respected longtime residents, all of whom perished in a drunk driving accident in 2003.  Also lost that evening were Bremen residents Casey Miller and Carey Jones.  All three were devoted volunteers and advocates of Bremen athletics and were on their way home from a football game when the accident occurred.

     Beau Beeson actually harbors fond memories from when he was a youngster, watching his father work with the football players during the spaghetti dinners that were once offered to players.  Becoming a part of this newly revitalized endeavor is particularly meaningful for everyone who knew these men, and Beau's mother, Molly Beeson-Nunemaker was instrumental in the organization of this year's gathering.

     Melinda Daily, dispatch supervisor for the Bremen Police Department, notes that there is a bittersweet sense of remembrance in the knowledge that the Lions will be taking the field for their first round of sectional play on October 24, which marks the 11th anniversary of the passing of three very dedicated men.  She noted that it is sentimental to see this onetime tradition returning to the community.  "The Beesons have always been a special part of our police family, and they always will be."

Photo courtesy of Tammy Venable.
Photo courtesy of Tammy Venable.



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