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Cross Country Results for Bremen

by Eric Hudson on September 2, 2015

BMS Boys Cross Country

Bremen-19: Jimtown-40
Bremen Boys Middle School Cross Country team ran their 2nd home meet and came away with the win on a hot muggy night! The boys had 5 personal records 2 season’s best. The boys continue to show their dominance only allowing one opponent in the top ten in the last 2 meets! The Boys are now 2-0.
Here were the ribbon winners for the meet:
Place   Runner                      `Time
1st        Kenny Hilgendorf        11:38     Personal Record  
3rd       Collin Moren                11:57    
4th        Andrew Sinkovics        12:06
5th        Beck Brurok                 12:12    
6th        Logan Heller                 12:17
8th        Alistair Byrd                  12:30
10th     Trevor Devine                12:34    
Season Best: Brett Yelaska (13:07), Lextin Willis (13:38), Bobby Simons (14:03), Anders Brurok (13:56)
Personal Records: Jacob Fish (13:01), Seth Young (13:50)

BMS Girls Cross Country

Bremen-15: Jimtown-50

Bremen Middle School Girls Cross Country team remain undefeated by taking the first 10 places in the meet. The Long Green Line of Lady Lions beat their former Conference foe by taking 21 out of the top 25 places! The girls move to 2-0 overall,
Place   Runner                       Time 
1st       Rachel Hall                 13:13                     
2nd      Katie Barnes              13:20     
3rd       Kelsey Lawmaster      13:44     Personal Record   
4th       Dellenira Duran          13:55     Season’s Best       
5th       Caroline Bickel           13:56     Season’s Best      
6th       Courtney Lawmaster  13:56    
7th       Riley Gilmer                14:13    
Personal Records: Grace Mikel (20:51)


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